Here are some of the most frequently asked questions…. if yours isn’t there don’t hesitate to ask.

Can I bring my kid/dog? Expand

Apologies on this one! While low key kids over about 13 are generally fine to come stay, younger kids and dogs not so much.

The Beet Retreat is a place of quiet and refuge for humans seeking to escape the noise and bustle for a few days and for the resident rescue cats and dog.

It is also “Land for Wildlife” and as such it’s very important that the frequent visiting wildlife always feel safe and can relax here.

All that said, newborns (up to 6 months) are generally ok if you book the Sunrise Room. Give me a call on this one.

I don’t want to share a bed with my friend. Do you have the option of single beds at The Beet Retreat? Expand

Short answer- kinda. While the Sunset Room is too small to accommodate the inflatable single mattress I have for such a request the Sunrise Room is perfect for it. The walk in robe is BIG and I set it up in there for guests who want to share a room but not a bed. Everyone

Can I bring some dairy milk for my tea please? Expand

Short answer – nope. I know it might seem mean to a non-vegan but for me as an ethical vegan, with an all-vegan business, who will buy or make you any other kind of mammalian milk you could imagine (no matter how much it costs me to source!) it’s basically asking me to compromise my core values. The very reason I knowingly limit my potential clientele by having a vegan B&B is because I feel really strongly about keeping to those values. I will never judge you for what you have in your milk at home but here I invite my guests to be open to

Do I have to be vegan or veggie to come? Expand

Hell no! In fact I LOVE having non-vegans come cos it shows me just how open and curious people are! Half my guests and 3/4 of my cooking class pupils aren’t/weren’t (many are now!)

I just ask that no animal consumables be brought on to the property. Its an important value of mine and its a respect of that on the side of my guests. My house, my rules I guess!

The worlds a bit of a mess right now. What about if I need to change the dates or cancel? Expand

COVID put a real spin on things eh! If the borders are suddenly shut its been my policy to provide a full refund (less Stripe/Paypal fees)

It helps me out big time as a small niche business if people postpone rather than ask for a refund but I will refund cos I know if money is tight, its tight! Been there! Generally the policy is that a cancellation within 7 days is not refundable but it is transferable if you want to give it to a friend. 8-14 days its 50% refundable or you can transfer dates for a $50 fee. You have 12 months to use your credit BUT can only cancel dates once in this time frame.

Do I have to be vaccinated? Expand

At this stage, reflecting the current health advice and considering this is my home and my only source of income the answer is yes you do. Apologies if that doesn’t work for you.

At the time of writing I am triple vaxxed myself and will be getting all boosters as they are rolled out and recommended.

I have quite a few guests come stay who have compromised immune systems so I do my utmost to have the house set up, and follow all recommended health protocols and practices. I have installed excellent cross ventilation to help reduce the possibility of contracting the virus while here.

Have you got a menu I can see? Expand

Nope but have a look at my Instagram account and you’ll get a good idea of what I serve here. I get most my produce from a local organic farm (Good Harvest) and so love cooking to the seasons and to what moves me on any given day. I will ask you at the time of booking about any intolerances or strong dislikes and often ask gibe you some choices while your here when Im thinking about what Ill make you for breakfast or dinner the next day.

I use mostly fresh, organic/spray free ingredients, without refined sugar or a lot of oil. I can also happily accommodate most dietary intolerances, within reason. Just ask.

I have a question that isn’t here. Expand

Shoot me a message on 0407 967 462. I’m here to help if I possibly can!