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I love the pre dawn and sunrise.  No matter how late I get to bed, to miss one is to feel like I have cheated myself of something magical.

Whether I’m out on the trail, running or mountain bike riding, paddling on the ocean or at my desk that faces the Kinglake Ranges, witnessing the changing light as the sun starts its journey across the skies above, I find inspiration.

This morning I woke after a restful sleep and watered the vegetables with the moon hanging over my shoulder.

I picked some fresh peppermint and brewed a pot of tea then sat at my desk with the open door to the deck allowing  the cool morning air to fill the room.

I perused some of my favourite webpages and found a piece that resonated immediately.  I read it and began to write this to share with you.

The Beet Retreat is more than a B&B.  It is that indeed and I love to be able to provide that simple and pleasurable service to guests but you have probably already noticed the other options under the home page banner…..

Beet Health and Beet Adventure.

These reflect my passions in life.  Health and Fitness that leads to an expanded version of life as we have previously known it.

Through better health and mobility we can be and do so much more with our time here on this precious earth.  It brings with it so much more than meets the eye.

We do not know until we know.

In my opinion, one of the most exciting packages we offer here, is the full retreat experience, the “Life Matters Package” that aims to provide participants inspiration and confidence, the tools and a kind of road map to create a more fulfilling and healthier life.

From learning how to create simple and nutritiously delicious plant strong meals, to finding your active lifestyle passion.

From informal and friendly mentoring by way of the timeless art of conversation, to participating in individually tailored PT sessions.

Becoming part of The Beet Fitness community will enable you to explore your potential, progressively push your boundaries and generate excitement about embracing both the known and unknown and making plans to embrace both.

Adventure is not the domain of men only. Not by a long shot. It’s no longer unusual or even surprising to see women, solo or in groups, young or old, athletic or not, tackling some really audacious adventures and experiences.

Personally, I was a bit of a “late bloomer”. Always active and with a bit of an adventurous bent as a kid, a bit of a tomboy, but as a younger adult, it extended only as far as the infrequent build up to a 10km run, off and on with body building training, the odd bush walk and riding a motorbike for many years.

But generally there was nothing startling in what I did.


At 40 something shifted.  I started to recognise life had to be more than working and paying bills.

I started travelling…. beginning with a 30 days trek in Nepal.  None of my friends wanted to come, so I went with a trekking company.

At 44 I climbed Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the African continent.

At 45 I learnt how to ride a mountain bike and paddle a ski and navigate with a compass. I started Adventure Racing.

At 47 I climbed the highest mountain outside of Asia with my partner. Aconcagua in Argentina.

At 48 I did my first multi day, expedition style ie non-stop and unsupported, Adventure Race.  750plus kms.

At 49 I injured my back at work and thought my life would never be the same.

And it wasn’t. But coming out the other side, I found myself vegan, single and eventually able to at least run again.

And run I did.

At 50, I packed my back pack and set off solo round the world for 11 months to see what wonders I would find there and how I would cope. I ran solo in most countries I stayed in…. and ran and ran and ran in places that were wild and beautiful and I got a little lost….a lot.

But in doing so, I found myself again.

At 51, I ran my first Ultra. A 235km mountain and jungle epic in Costa Rica called The Coastal Challenge. I finished 10th Female.

When I travelled and ran it was always about taking the road (and trail!) less travelled, making no firm plans, with the mindset, be prepared for the unexpected and that there were no “wrong” turns….only opportunities.

With all this I found far more than I ever imagined.

Both inside and out. I grew and I changed and it was the best thing I have ever done in my adult life, along with going Vegan.


Now, because of this life affirming and transformational journey, and not far off 53, I have left a 33 year professional career and embarked on a path that reflects and encompasses everything that I am passionate about, bundled into one vibrant and beautiful package.

The Beet Retreat.

I’ve never been more excited about the direction my life has taken.

I deeply believe in my vision and the good I can put out in the world.  And I’m just one of a growing number who see it and are creating a Tsunami of change.

This blog sprung from the link I share below.  It resonated with me and confirmed my belief that change is upon us, that an ever increasing number of us are or are ready to reconnect with the very root of our being.

Connecting once more with nature and our wild and wonderful spirit.  Throwing off the shackles of “security” and “career” and “normal” and discovering far more unique, authentic and connected lives.

For me, many things conspired to bring me to where I am today, and I am still very much on my own journey, but the big game changers were the broader world view veganism gave me and the confidence that grew from my improved physicality and independence of thought.  Without those things I may not have been ready to the things I have done, especially the solo travel.

Being fit changes you.  But how you get there is not “one size fits all”.  Finding what floats your boat is the key to creating meaningful and lasting change.  Physically, emotionally and when you find your fitness passion, very often, spiritually.

Health is Fitness.  Fitness should be health.

Get in shape for LIFE, not for summer.

Who knows where it will take you!  The possibilities are endless…..

“We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us”

Jan@Beet Fitness

The Beet Retreat. Life Matters