The Beet Retreat grew organically from that process….Beet Fitness likewise.

The only things that last within us and that truly serve us are the things we do or feel that are authentic. That come from our heart and soul.

I knew I wanted to live according to my values. I knew I had to.

In 2012, the growing pain and outrage I felt in my heart witnessing cruelty in the name of food production particularly, led me to become Vegan.

The good health, sense of peace and abundance of vitality that came as by-products of that led me to wonder how I could help others discover that.

Pain and suffering, in all it’s many forms, may lead us to the door of a different way of seeing things but it’s a sense of belonging, of compassion, love, understanding and joy that keep us there once inside that room.

I created The Beet Retreat as the “room” where I can provide a safe and warm space that may germinate those things within others.

Be it for a day or several, with the option of an ongoing connection through the “Beet Community”, I hope to provide guests with anything from a simple “soul vacation” by way of restful surroundings and beautiful, vibrant plant foods…

Or a guiding hand to step through the door and change their life.
Through a conscious decision to challenge long held habits or beliefs regarding other species, food and health and fitness.

Nurturing others begins with respecting and nurturing ourselves. Being kind, likewise.

As The Beet Retreat grows and develops it is my guests, the vast majority who have been non-vegan but open minded and hearted, who have helped me find my niche….to offer to others a place of comfort and authenticity that reflects who I am and what I stand for in a giving and joyful way.

I hope you will join me here in the near future and discover something special for yourself….

Life matters….

Jan Saunders